Why Red Queen?

The metaphor “Red Queen” comes from the well-known book “Alice in Wonderland”. At one point, the Red Queen says to Alice, who is always running but never reaches her destination:

“In our country, it is necessary to run with all your might, twice as fast, just to manage to stay in the same place.”

One scientific hypothesis was named after the Red Queen. It is about Lee van Wallen’s evolutionary hypothesis that reproducing organisms must constantly adapt, develop and reproduce in order to survive in a constantly changing environment.
Likewise in business, especially in digital marketing, everything is constantly changing from philosophy to technology and platforms, so if we don’t run one step ahead, it may happen that nothing changes and our business does not progress at the speed we want.
That’s why Red Queen is here to accelerate the growth of your business on the Internet and strengthen the presence of your brand on all digital platforms.

Who is the Red Queen? 

Red Queen is a consulting digital agency that provides all marketing services and content to companies of all sizes.

We offer social media management services, SEO services, and eCommerce platform development services for your online shop. Red Queen manages your social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tik Tok, and LinkedIn.
We use cutting-edge solutions and tools to help your business grow and achieve its goals.


Kao vaš partner koji vam pomaže da rastete na digitalnim platformama, Red Queen donosi najnovije trendove, strategije i savete na društvenim medijima.


Red Queen kombinuje elemente istraživanja, strategije, kreativnosti i medijskog planiranja / kupovine kako bi se ostvario trenutni povrat uloženih sredstava za izgradnju brenda koji će klijenti obožavati.


Gradimo za vas jaku konkurentsku prednost kroz marketinške aktivnosti na društvenim mrežama. Odabiramo pravu platformu, pomažemo vam da identifikujete ciljeve, privučete ciljne grupe i ostvarite snažan ROI.

Red Queen Crew

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