Digital marketing Strategy

The performance of the platform is only one factor. We look at your brand’s potential, marketing history, and your business objectives.

Through Digital strategy/Strategy and Management for social networks, we develop a communication plan, and create content, and paid campaigns for your business. The service includes:

  • Market research
  • Research on digital competition strategy
  • Analysis of your profiles on social networks
  • Analytics
  • Creating a content publishing plan
  • Creating a plan for paid campaigns with predicted metrics
  • Setting goals

Prior to accessing your profiles, we research the following:

  • your sector or target market;
  • the competition;
  • your social media profiles;
  • and analytics.

After identifying your marketing’s weak points, we create a plan for content publishing and paid advertising.

We set important parameters and success criteria, structure them in accordance with your business objectives, and begin running social media campaigns. D

Before the implementation of the social media plan, management, and social media advertising, a suitable digital strategy is designed. It is the most effective approach to engage with your followers, drive them to your landing pages, and ultimately close sales to them with your products and services.