How to Stay Ahead of the Game in the Digital Marketing Jungle in 2023.

Friday, Feb 10

THE LAW OF 3 MAGIC E – The top 3 social media skills you must learn for 2023 

The three most important social media qualities to consider while creating a social media content profile in 2023 are:

1. Empathy

2. Editing, and

3. Creative/ Experimental thinking

Digital marketing is constantly changing and evolving, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. This will improve the quality of your products, your marketing and advertising, and the consumer experience. As we move into 2023, here are some digital marketing trends every company or individual should be aware of.

Business is becoming more transformational and less transactional. The objective is to bring people together, create community, and serve them at the highest level possible.

“Try not to become a person of success but rather try to become a man of value.” — Albert Einstein

Empathy – New age consciousness

With the appearance of Tik Tok flow and spontaneous video content, as well as various topics that are covered on the platform, the human-centric approach is increasingly being expressed.

There is no more B2B or B2C; now it’s H2H— human to human.

It appears more and more and works with authentic content, before even thinking about the technical aspects of the production itself. This style is called lo-fi, it started in music, and it is increasingly used in advertising as a very popular direction. This trend is not new, but it is very prevalent now, and it has been accelerated by the pandemic.

The lo-fi aesthetic is becoming increasingly popular on social media platforms such as Reels and Instagram. This style is characterized by its authenticity, creativity, and relatability, and it’s not about production but ideas.

Lo-fi advertising creates opportunities for people to connect with the culture and with one another through interactive tools such as live video, Facebook Shops, POLLS, augmented reality filters, and more.

Lo-fi advertising is often authentic, depicting relatable people and stories without artifice. Lo-fi ads that are effective are memorable and grounded in a single idea. They are also expressed through the brand’s assets.

Proof of that is found in companies like Apple and Uber Eats, which have created large campaigns in lo-fi style. It suggests that highly produced videos (and a correspondingly high price tag) aren’t always essential for success. They are made by common people, and it’s about people. It’s immediate and spontaneous, moving at the speed of culture. And it connects us in a more emphatic way.

As we increasingly communicate virtually, we might wonder what role empathy plays in these relationships.

Although we communicate virtually more and more, we still need empathy in our relationships.

It’s great to be able to see things from someone else’s perspective or from the perspective of everyday people, not necessarily through the lens of a multimillion-dollar company with a high budget. It allows you to better understand people’s motivations and helps you create more targeted marketing campaigns.

Like any other skill, empathy can be practiced and improved!

Not to mention that, compared to non-users of social media and infrequent Facebook users, the average Facebook user “has more close friends; has more confidence in people; feels more supported, and is more politically involved.”

Given that we are more aware of others’ struggles thanks to social media, we need to understand that we have a larger responsibility to show empathy.

Social media and empathy can actually work quite well together if companies deliberately adopt an empathic posture in their branding and employ empathy in customer service as well.

If you also want your company to be more sympathetic and develop genuine relationships with clients, don’t only sell to your customers; inspire them. People must be able to identify with your brand or items. Try to motivate and inspire your clients to become interested in your products.

• Share other people’s positive experiences. But don’t exaggerate. These stories need to be relatable.

• Use visuals. Visuals displaying other people that customers can relate to having a positive impact. Therefore, think about diversity, and don’t make your product or service seem like an out-of-reach opportunity for people with fewer possibilities.

There is a saying regarding the Instagram platform: 

“On Instagram Be a human, not a brand.”

A too-formal approach might scare people off. Use real, common language, and add a touch of personality to it.

• Be curious about your customers. By understanding what your customers are feeling, you will be able to provide better experiences for them on social media and through your customer service. Curiosity can very well be shown in interactions in the comments, through personal support inquiries, and also in the content, you share.

You may try posting content that invites readers to discuss their interactions with your company in the comments section. This way, you can also create a feeling of community among your followers.

• Be vulnerable and true to yourself. Being genuine and vulnerable in your communication is a great way to learn empathetic listening. Everybody makes errors and has bad days.

• Share some stories of the challenges that your team faces or what issues your brand’s founders or managers have had to go through to get where they are today. But remember to stay true and inspire through the stories to really bond with your customers.


It was predicted that by the end of the pandemic, the video would overwhelm as much as 80% of online content, and this happened much earlier, at the very beginning of the year in which the pandemic began.

Creativity is among the most crucial characteristics of social media marketing abilities. If a company shares uninteresting or repetitive content on social media, users are likely to stop following them. Social media marketers need to continually come up with fresh and interesting ideas, creative projects, and campaigns to keep people interested and hooked. Social media marketers will need to come up with creative ideas to differentiate themselves from the millions of other users on social media, including interactive material, contests, and viral videos.

With the explosive popularity of networks such as Tik Tok and Reels, it is important that you learn to edit and optimize your content in a way that will be interesting to the people who follow you. The most important thing is to achieve dynamism and interactivity, and this is possible today with the help of a bunch of applications and tools, both paid and unpaid, that are offered on the market.

TikTok introduced a brand-new bundle of content in addition to the short format: challenges, lip-syncing, dancing, hilarious videos, and magic effects are just a few of the current trends. The site offers users a variety of interactive elements that make it incredibly appealing, including the ability to share sound effects and reactions, emoticons, special effects, video reactions to posted content, and more.


TikTok videos help you generate attention and excitement for your customer.


“At TikTok, we believe that you shouldn’t need to be a pro at video editing or an award-winning filmmaker to make easy, eye-catching, and entertaining content. Easy and intuitive tools empower people to express their creativity without limits. From experienced editors to those making their first video, we’re excited to offer a wide range of tools for every level of creator.”

Creative / Experimental thinking

Although images and videos dominate much of social media skills, writing also plays a critical role. Whether you’re creating a post or crafting a tweet, writing stands as an essential part of a social media marketer’s job profile. If headlines aren’t magnetic or captivating enough, it’s likely people are not going to be motivated enough to click.

Writing for social media requires skill, imagination, focus, and a thorough knowledge of your audience.

It takes experimentation and creativity to get past common roadblocks when running a campaign, such as declining sales or low traffic to your website.

Here are some pointers to get you going.

– Curiosity (constant learning)

There’s always something new to learn in digital marketing. New technologies, new tactics, new philosophies, Google’s algorithm updates, industry regulations, etc. You’d want to stay on top of that.

Digital marketing is unquestionably for you if you enjoy learning something new every day.

–  Cognitive Flexibility

Cognitive flexibility requires us to switch between actions depending on changes around us.

We must be able to transition between actions in response to changes in our environment. It implies that skill and information transmission can take place via nontraditional techniques and connected sources. These include websites for exchanging talents and learning digitally.

It’s time for you to adopt this smart, multi-layered way of thinking because technology is dynamic. As we say in RED QUEEN SERBIA : “You have to run twice as fast if you want to stay in the same place.”

The world of digital marketing is no different!

Every year, new technology, approaches, tools, and tactics appear. Businesses are finding it harder and harder to stay relevant and visible in the online world.

Our capacity for cognitive flexibility allows us to assess risks rapidly, weigh several possibilities at once, and confidently make decisions at the moment. This way of thinking enables us to manage business changes while minimizing loss and detrimental effects brought on by regulatory or industry changes.

Also, emotional and social intelligence play important roles – in digital marketing you don’t sell Things; you sell Emotions or as I like to say “Features tell, but benefits sell.”

How to get better at it

You will either find digital marketing-related topics intriguing or not. I don’t think there is a “hack” to make uninteresting stuff interesting all of a sudden without deceiving yourself.

What you can consider is optimizing information gathering. You’ll get unsettled if you try to read every intriguing article or book on everything related to digital marketing because you’ll probably run out of time. Digital marketing is, in my opinion, more of a craft or exact science than an art. It all comes down to being able to figure out what works and keep doing it until it does.

Companies will continue to place a strong demand on people with the knowledge and skills to navigate digital landscapes as our globe expands into new digital frontiers. I think that e-sciences, AI, and technological ethics will be important areas of study for individuals pursuing advanced degrees.

The best thing you can do to stay relevant is to build relationships with people who will extend your message. Platforms will come and go, but relationships will endure despite all trends.

Finally, don’t be an Amateur; instead, be a F Pro

Experts concentrate on the back end while amateurs focus on the front.

When you discover knowledge for your business that took other individuals decades to understand, you become an expert more rapidly.

“Decade in a Day” is a phrase that you have probably heard. It talks about those who study a subject for ten years before writing a book. After then, any random passerby can pick up the book and discover in an afternoon what it took someone else ten years to discover. In my business, I hire experts with extensive backgrounds and expertise all the time to get an insane amount of information quickly.

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